Here’s to 2017!

I’m not a believer in all this “New Year, New Me” crap. When the clock strikes midnight, things aren’t going to magically change. Life isn’t a Cinderella story and I’ve never morphed into the clean eating, fitness addict I always promised myself. I’m not making any New Years resolutions but do hope that 2017 has better things in store for me.

I could write to my heart’s content about how shit 2016 has been for me but I don’t want anyone to click unfollow. I’ve shed enough tears to last a lifetime and considered taking shares in Kleenex. Amongst the pain and sadness, there has been some sunshine as I’ve learnt some vital lessons that have helped make me a better person;

No one is spared illness or disability. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be diagnosed with a chronic illness. I always thought that was something which happened to other people. I will never take my body for granted and in between white chocolate, Hobnobs and late nights, I will treat it with the respect it deserves.

I’ve been through some really horrible times in my life but never gave myself credit for coping so well. My eyes have been opened to how strong I am. This shit storm has given me a new found confidence that’s taken twenty nine years to surface. I’m not always a ray of sunshine (far from it if anyone has been unfortunate enough to speak to me over the festive period) but I have a new and improved outlook on life that I’ll proudly carry with me.

I know who I can rely on and who is there for me when things get tough. It can be a hard lesson to learn but everyone gets a crash course at some point. Quality over quantity has never been truer.

You can’t predict what life has in store. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and I hope in a couple of years, I’ll look back at 2016 and know why things happened the way they did. At the moment, I’m still wading through the tidal waves of “Why me?!” but I’ll get there, one step at a time.

I have a lot in store for 2017. There’s a holiday to Vegas, lots going on at work, 30th birthday celebrations and weddings galore. I know my bladder doesnt have sight of my social calendar so I’m hoping she plays nice this year.

I hope you all have a happy and healthy 2017. Here’s to starting a new chapter in the book we call life. The pages haven’t been written yet so let’s hope in twelve months time, it tells a good story.

Emma x

ps. My IC friendly cheesecake turned out pretty well on Christmas Day. I had forgotten just how good cheesecake tasted and after three slices, my fork was reluctantly taken off me! 

4 thoughts on “Here’s to 2017!

  1. Suzy says:

    Emma what an inspirational and honest young woman you are. Your right we don’t know what’s ahead in 2017. Some days the sun is hidden behind the clouds and all we can do is wait for the sun to re appear. And it always does. Sounds like you have some adventures planned already and won’t let the bladder interfere with these. Just take the pills when it’s bad. 10 mg of amitripyline at night won’t cause weight gain. its a very small dose. I ve been taking it for 2 years. It’s more likely the egg roll I buy in the bakers after a run to eat that’ puts the inches on. Or the peanut butter kit Kat.

    Wishing you a truly amazing and exciting 2017

    Suzy 🎉


    • brokenbladder says:

      Thank you Suzy for your very kind words!! I think I’ll give the Amitriptyline a go, I can always come off if my body starts saying no. Hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas and I wish you health & happiness for 2017 ❤


  2. Lynn Burns RPHN says:

    Share your recipe for the cheesecake. Looks amazing.

    By the way – clean eating has been debunked. Watch the horizon show on BBC2 iplayer with Giles Yeo so definitely don’t stress about failing on the clean eating!!

    Good luck in 2017 – there is life with IC and I have it pretty severe but I still do stuff and bit by bit you learn ways to cope with situations. You are stronger than you ever knew and if there is one thing you have to do is look at all the reasons why you are incredible and strong.

    Your honesty is inspiring. Go girl.

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    • brokenbladder says:

      I will be doing a post with some recipes very soon!

      I watched that programme, thought it was very interesting and quite shocking. Personally, the ‘clean eating’ route isn’t for me, I would go crazy within days of eating what some people put themselves through. I think it’s about striking a healthy balance. I’ve never eaten healthier which can only be a good thing but I’m not about to live off green smoothies, I would go crazy. I follow a Facebook page called “healing IC naturally” and a lot of people are on some very strict diets.

      Everyone with IC is strong, we have to be!! Thanks for the encouragement and kind words! x


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