What Does Remission Mean?

The word remission gets thrown around a lot in the IC world but what does it actually mean? Type “IC Remission” into Google and you’ll find plenty of forums discussing the topic.

I believe that remission means something different for everyone and it means whatever you need it to be.

Interstitial Cystitis is a chronic and incurable condition.
Being 100% pain free might never be possible and I have to be realistic about that.

I still get twinges, discomfort and a burning urethra. If I get too dehydrated, I will piss enough acid it brings me close to tears. The symptoms are still there but they pass quickly and don’t interfere with my day to day life. I don’t reach for painkillers, cancel plans, cry or despair like I used to and that has been the breakthrough for me.

I no longer take any painkillers and Mr E has discharged me from his care. If this isn’t remission, I don’t know what is!



Like many IC’ers, sex can be painful. Many seem reluctant to talk about this symptom but I lost my inhibitions a long time ago! There’s nothing romantic about being doubled over in pain when you should be enjoying that post sex haze of orgasmic bliss. I don’t want my boyfriend fretting over whether I need a trip to A and E when he should be whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

I am being investigated for Endometriosis so can’t yet pin all the blame on my bladder. I am due to have a laproscopy but I’m trying not to think about it. One chronic illness diagnosis is quite enough thanks!

Whatever remission means to you, I hope you get there.

Life without a broken bladder is possible.
Never stop dreaming.

Emma x

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