Return of the Chocolate Monster

I saw my Urologist (Dr E) yesterday so thought I would give you an update on where I am with my Interstitial Cystitis journey. It's been a rough few months. I still haven't recovered from my cystoscopy with hydrodistention and my symptoms are much worse than before the procedure. Whatever my Urologist did that day, … Continue reading Return of the Chocolate Monster


Things That Get Me Through a Week in Pain

Seven days can seem like an eternity when you're in pain. These are things that get me through the week; Staying Positive This is the number one rule. You must ALWAYS try to stay positive. It's not easy. I have moments where I break down in tears and despair at life but I always pick … Continue reading Things That Get Me Through a Week in Pain

It’s Not a Swear Word!

I am very open about my IC but notice that some people look visibly uncomfortable when I mention the word bladder. A majority have been older men. They have this look which is a cross between awkwardness, horror and shock when I mention the B word. Honestly, you would think I just told them I … Continue reading It’s Not a Swear Word!


Please Excuse Me Whilst I Mourn

I spend a lot of my time thinking about the good old days. When I could eat and drink what I wanted and having a hangover was as bad as it got. I think about all the times I moaned about the little things and curse myself for being so stupid. All the times I … Continue reading Please Excuse Me Whilst I Mourn


I am Sick, I Promise!

I don't know if I like the term "invisible illness". It is often used to describe Interstitial Cystitis and other conditions that lurk inside bodies, secretly attacking them, unbeknown to the outside world. My issue is that whilst my condition is undoubtedly invisible, I am not and I fear the more I use the word … Continue reading I am Sick, I Promise!


Why can Supplements Cost a Fortune?

  I discovered early on in my IC journey that supplements proposing to help the condition are EVERYWHERE. It's all a bit overwhelming. What works and what doesn't? The intrigue of IC is that what works for one person, won't work for another so the only way you will know if a supplement works, is … Continue reading Why can Supplements Cost a Fortune?


A Day in the Life of a Bladder Instillation

So last week, I had my first Hyacyst bladder instillation. I didn't ask many questions so I didn't know what to expect. I obviously consulted Google and came across a few horror stories. I was left in shock after reading about a nurse who inserted the solution into an unsuspecting woman's vagina instead of her … Continue reading A Day in the Life of a Bladder Instillation